GW Demo already released

Reading about a game is not the same thing as a playing that game. We also bear in mind that buying something without testing is like buying a pig in a poke. So here it is. Free demo which contains a little bit of everything. Try it out now* and prepare for upcoming full release.

*If there was a warning about the origin of the file allow the installation. Trust us, it is not a virus. Tested. We are solid.

Go to home page to download our demo.

Recommended system requirements:

Intel Pentium Dual Core 2 GHz or stronger

3 GB RAM or more

Nvidia 9300M GS or any graphics card supporting DirectX 11

270 MB HDD



- Added resolution options for screens which do not support 16:9 aspect ratio.

- Added quality options.


GW_DEMO.exe 71 MB
Mar 17, 2018

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